Adaptation Plan

This would normally be composed of:

Setting-up basic employee record keeping procedure, to ensure payroll register is always up to date and maintain basic employment records such as an individual employees' department, social security number, and address, hire date, hours worked, earnings, deductions and more.

  • Support client in generating missing documentation
  • Ways to improve the filing system in place, so that it is easily accessible by the authorized person and is in line with regulations. Advise about archiving
  • Proposition of corrective procedures for staff working time, absences, holidays, beginners and leavers, etc
  • Designing management HR data analysis reports (turn-over report, absences reports etc.)
  • Training of a key contact person in your company in charge with ensuring employees' HR administration relations
  • Preparing a customized employee handbook to communicate about company policy to staff on topics such as benefits eligibility, paid annual - leave, dress code and related issues, to help ensure companywide clarity and mutual understanding
  • Preparing and delivering to you a Procedure of HR Services Manual which will describe the daily and other regular HR administration operations